GONZALES, La. (WAFB) – There’s a new cap in town. However, it’s not the sort you wear on a night out; it’s helping humans through difficult instances.The cooling cap keeps most cancers patients from dropping their hair throughout chemotherapy 1 Wendy Fruge’s ordinary is easy. She leads a regular existence with her family in Gonzales. Like many, she doesn’t look like what she’s been thru
“I went in for the recurring mammogram that I’ve carried out each yr on account that I turned 40,” said Fruge.
But that habitual manner became a second experience to peer her doctor, Dr. Mindy Bowie, at Woman’s Hospital. Fruge is living with breast cancer.
“She did no longer have a palpable mass in her breast, which is the importance of having your yearly mammograms,” Dr. Bowie said.
“I changed into no longer systematic. I didn’t experience a lump. It becomes picked up from the mammogram,” Fruge stated.

Fruge and Dr. Bowie at once began speaking approximately remedy alternatives: a lumpectomy, chemo, then radiation.
“The important thing is… Oh my gosh… Chemotherapy,” Fruge stated.
Hair loss is carefully recognized with chemotherapy.
“That can be very traumatizing for the affected person. I even have had sufferers that refused chemotherapy definitely because they would lose their hair,” stated Dr. Bowie.
In truth, that becomes Fruge’s son’s first idea, asking his mom if she changed into going to lose her hair.
“But this time, I turned into, like, I don’t know. I don’t know if I will lose my hair,” she said.
She didn’t realize this due to the fact; now, sufferers have options.

“The cooling cap is a device placed on the scalp and reduces the temperature, thereby decreasing blood glide to the scalp,” stated Dr. Lauren Zatarain, a medical oncologist.
“I virtually didn’t have anything to lose at that factor. However, I had a lot to gain. Like, what if it works?” Fruge stated.
Fruge confronted six rounds of chemo whenever she wore the cap. Doctors say while chemotherapy isn’t going to the scalp, the hair follicles aren’t damaged as much, increasing the chances of a patient retaining their hair.
“By the fourth, I became like, wow, I suppose this is operating,” Fruge said.
Despite the visits to the medical doctor, Fruge says she felt regular. She had most cancers, underwent chemotherapy, and still has her hair. She credits the cap.

“I like with a purpose to have that type of confidence that allows you to continue, after which share my tale if I need to percentage it, versus someone going, oh… Negative her,” she stated.
Fruge doesn’t want sympathy. She battled most cancers the only way she knew how.
“We’re all the time changed while we get the diagnosis, but this became probably going to present me the opportunity to appear within the replicate every day and see that acquainted face,” she said.
Fruge’s recurring is frequent daily with just a few extra infusion remedies beforehand.
“I experience like our bodies are gonna’ heal without or with us for the most component, but it’s the emotional component. This kinda’ permits you to hold more of a fantastic angle,” said Fruge.
Patients must use a specific treatment to use the cool cap. The pleasant way to find out if you’re eligible is by talking with your doctor.


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