When Elisabeth Bik came throughout a series of research approximately a brand new most cancers-preventing method, called “YXQ-EQ,” they sounded legitimate before everything. A few of the scientists at the back of the studies were associated with Harvard University, and their work had federal studies funding.
But what, exactly, was YXQ-EQ?
The solution, Bik subsequently determined, turned into this: A researcher takes cancer cells into a locked room and does…something. When he brings them again out, they’re lifeless.
That’s as particular as those studies seem to have ever gotten in explaining YXQ-EQ, in step with Bik, an unbiased technology integrity representative with a microbiology historical past.
In a viral Twitter thread remaining week, Bik criticized at the least seven of those studies for failing to transparently describe the remedy they had been checking out, totally on diverse cancer cells. She also requested the academic institutions of the scientists involved, in addition to the journals that posted their work, to research the matter.
Only after retracing the dense footnotes in these papers did Bik find out that “YXQ-EQ” is apparently an acronym that refers to the “outside Qi” and “Qigong” of scientist Yan Xin. In Chinese lifestyle, Qi is the existence force believed to exist in the whole lot, and Qigong is a device of movement, respiration, and meditation believed to reinforce health.
According to what appears to be the lone 2004 observe that spells out the “YXQ-EQ” approach, it turns out that the remedy consists of Yan status alone in a room and emitting his Qi closer to a group of lab-grown rat eye cells. Yan appears to be the best scientist who has ever finished this method. He is likewise the most effective scientist who is on all of the papers in the query, which, other than 2004 observe, contain deploying the technique on a spread of cancer cells.
Bik said that her reason is not to mock conventional Chinese medication. “But if one single researcher claims that he — and best he — can use Qi to kill off most cancers cells, he should be inclined to percentage how they do that,” she argued on Twitter. “If it happens behind closed doorways, scientists have every purpose to be suspicious.”

James Heathers, a studies scientist at Northeastern University recognized for calling out inconsistencies in clinical information, stated the issues raised by way of Bik seemed “very uncommon.”
“People say humorous things on the net all of the time, and a number of that is in research and of little or no outcome,” he instructed BuzzFeed News. “But in the event that they’re doing it on authorities earnings, or if they’re doing it at an organization that prides itself on its ability to take technology significantly, it’s a complete one-of-a-kind story.”
On his internet site, Yan describes himself as a so-referred to as miracle medical doctor in China who because the Eighties has been studying the way to venture Qi out of the frame and “affect bodily materials and items.” He claims his “experiments in life technological know-how and physical sciences provide the first concrete clinical corroboration for the clinical exploration of Traditional Chinese Qigong.” Yan did not reply to a request for comment. A query to his group, the Chongqing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chongqing, China, became no longer lower back by means of press time.
From 2004 to 2018, Yan and a rotating solid of different scientists published as a minimum seven research about outside Qi, broadly speaking approximately its seemingly toxic outcomes on most cancers cells.
A spokesperson for the writer of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, which featured two of Yan’s papers, declined to remark beyond announcing that it appears into all worries raised. The editor of Cell Physiology and Biochemistry, which posted 3 of Yan’s papers, stated that he has asked the authors for clarification. He additionally referred to that the one’s papers mentioned preceding research for the outline of YXQ-EQ.
Two other journals that printed Yan’s paintings — International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Brain Research, which posted his unique 2004 paper — did now not reply to BuzzFeed News’ questions about whether they deliberate to research the studies.
Two of Yan’s most frequent coauthors in the United States — neurologist Dan Hu of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Xin-Qi Wu, a remedy researcher on the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute — did now not return requests for comment both. A research integrity officer for Dana-Farber stated the institute “will evaluate this count number regular with applicable guidelines,” and a sanatorium spokesperson said that an overview of studies concerns is confidential. Both institutions are affiliated with Harvard.
In Bik’s view, her rabbit hollow studies discovered severe flaws inside the gadget that is supposed to make certain technological know-how is obvious.
“Seven units of peer-reviewers and editors who had been now not doing their jobs,” she tweeted.
In addition, as Bik referred to, a number of the studies renowned funding from the National Institutes of Health. The dozens of federal grants listed generally at the least $31 million, in step with the enterprise’s website. It is uncertain how a lot of the cash, which included a massive presence that spanned multiple projects, clearly funded the outside Qi experiments. At least a few amounts went to different charges associated with the task, in line with Michael Centola, a researcher worried with one of the studies.
An NIH spokesperson said the business enterprise does no longer talk ongoing audits of offers, or publications attributable to offers, to make sure that they’re assembly requirements.
Bik first found out approximately the external Qi research while an “involved reader” was given in contact. Starting with the most recent paper, she looked for a detailed description of “external Qi of Yan Xin Qigong (YXQ-EQ),” which, as the text put it, become believed to have a “cytotoxic effect” on lung most cancers cells. The only different element turned into that it lasted 5 mins.
Dissatisfied, she combed via the references and found extra research approximately YXQ-EQ’s effects on other forms of most cancers cells. None described what the approach really entailed.


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