Dr. Roopan Gill studied for almost a decade to become an obstetrician/gynecologist, but these days she’s most excited about her budding role as a tech entrepreneur to assist her lady sufferers.
In 2017, Gill turned into running on a fellowship at the B.C. Women’s Health Research Institute in Vancouver while she came up with the concept to expand digital comply with-up emotional aid for women who’d had a surgical abortion.
It changed into a place of her work that appeared lacking, digitally or not — especially for the women who needed to journey from a long way away to access those services.
As a part of a have a look at, the first phase of in an effort to quickly be published within the Journal of Medical Internet Research, participants received scheduled textual content messages with links to articles and data they may find useful following the procedure, as well as access to an internet site.
“We had been blown away at how good deal girls virtually loved it,” Gill stated.
‘Huge capacity’
The study made Gill realize the potential for connecting girls to health sources via technology like smartphones, notably for delicate troubles like reproductive and sexual health. Those conversations can be awkward for doctors and patients alike.
Gill was one among a handful of physicians on the Women’s Health Research Symposium on Friday who spoke approximately digital tools.
Consumer apps and technology centered on women’s health — that track durations and fertility, as an instance — have currently risen in popularity.

But physicians like Gill are taking this one step in addition with the aid of the usage of digital gear and mobile generation to hyperlink girls with actual fitness care vendors and officers.
“There’s truly a number of momentum right now on this area,” Gill said over the phone from Geneva, where she now works as a clinical officer for the World Health Organization. “There’s just big potential.”

Tech gender hole
Gill says women’s health needs have frequently been not noted due to the fact the scientific discipline has lengthy been dominated by way of guys. But she says ladies are increasingly working within the health and studies fields — and connecting with the developing range in their female friends inside the tech sector.
Other digital tools discussed at Friday’s symposium protected Cervix Check, an at-home HPV self-series test package that would display for cervical cancers, and Smart Mom, an unfastened text messaging program for women in northern B.C. Who are not able to attend prenatal training lessons.
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