Skincare merchandise is my jam. I take my task as BAZAAR.Com’s beauty director very seriously—and I suggest that I attempt anything. I’ll happily sacrifice my skin to turn into an all-knowing encyclopedia of all matters splendor: I love a whole lot of products and sense meh approximately maximum others. Because for a skincare product to be truly top-notch in my book, it has to have a killer aggregate of chic-however-useful packaging, pinnacle-notch component standards, and outcomes that might be both on the spot and cumulative over time. So I became intrigued by Kylie Skin, the trendy splendor challenge by 21-year-old non-dermatologist Kylie Jenner. My Instagram inbox became buzzing with questions on the road: Is it appropriate? Should I try it? What ought I purchase?

I Used Only Kylie Skin Products For a Whole Week. Here's My Honest Review. 1I received a PR set of Kylie Skin merchandise an afternoon before release. I changed into the Foaming Face Wash, Walnut Face Scrub, Vanilla Milk Toner, Vitamin C Serum, Face Moisturizer, and Eye Cream in my box. I didn’t obtain the Makeup Removing Wipes; that’s first-class because I’m an individually anti-face wipe. To see how the Kylie Skin merchandise was completed, I determined to switch out all my common skincare merchandise for the Splendor wealthy person’s new line for a whole week. For the document, my pores and skin are fair, aggregate, liable to whiteheads and redness, and reactive, however no longer especially sensitive.)

Below are all my mind. If I’m sincere, my expectancies for Kylie Skin were low. Formulating skincare products is difficult; you’ll by no means please anyone. One person would possibly love the fragrance of their cream simultaneously as another individual is allergic. Some people want an oil-free moisturizer, while others want to slather their face in wealth oils. Skincare is extraordinarily personal and nuanced—but the Kylie Skin merchandise appeared to be a one-size-suits-all deal. With the most effective eye cream, one cleaner, one serum, one moisturizer, one toner, and one scrub, I knew the products would be basic and gentle, which is not horrific.

Overall, the Kylie Skin products are high-quality and clean to use. If you’ve got your honest share of skincare merchandise over time, some formulations will feel acquainted. The Foaming Face Wash strikes a chord in my memory of Caudalie’s Instant Foaming Cleanser. The toner is like a vanilla-scented version of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner, once Jenner’s go-to skincare line. I changed into most underwhelmed using the face scrub and the face wash. I don’t think you want to spend over $20 on either, while there are many alternatives—together with fragrance-unfastened ones—at the drugstore. But in the complete, the Kylie Skin merchandise is like a simplified ordinary skincare template. They don’t cope with anyone’s problems like great lines or acne but as an alternative intention to make all pores and skin sorts, in reality, hydrated, easy, and fresh.

Though they may be no longer groundbreaking, the Kylie Skin products carry out. Even though I had traveled to Florida and back over the long excursion weekend, my eyes have been much less puffy on average. By that, I mean my dark circles appeared significantly less substantial after just a week of using the attention cream twice daily. e. I spent the final seven days overlaying my face with various sunscreens, which usually makes me break out; however, my pores and skin stayed extraordinarily calm and see-unfastened, all matters considered. The strains across my mouth’s facets had been much less substantive. After per week of using Kylie Skin, my face feels hydrated, soothed, and plump. I’m excited to see the consequences after a month, even though I’ve already introduced different brands’ merchandise back into my ordinary. There is constantly new merchandise to check.


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