Cannabis use has lows, like watching a batch of high-quality weed lose its flavor before you can use it. No matter how well you handle Cannabis, its quality deteriorates with time, and having a proper storage strategy will help preserve its quality for longer. These guidelines will help you maintain the freshness of your Cannabis and help you enjoy a consistent potency.

Exposure to Light

Exposing Cannabis to light is a sure way to dampen good-quality Marijuana. Direct sunlight scorches the buds, quickly lowering their potency. When looking for glass containers from your local Cannabis Dispensary, opaque colors like brown or green offer the best protection against UV rays. Always store weed in a dark place and away from light sources to maintain its composition and guarantee full potency for longer periods.

Temperature Fluctuations

High temperatures are lethal to Cannabis buds as they favor mold growth in your stash, which can have unpleasant effects when consumed. Moldy weed may induce vomiting and coughing and potentially harm users with known mold allergies. It can cause wheezing and life-threatening lung infections in people with weak immunity. Exposing your weed to high temperatures also dries up your weed and results in harsh smoke and potency loss. On the other hand, low temperatures make it difficult to activate THC responsible for Cannabis induced high, leading to low potency.

Moisture Levels

When storing Cannabis over a long period, it is important to maintain humidity below 63 RH and above 59 RH. Controlling humidity prevents drying out of the buds, which you want to avoid at all costs for lowering Cannabis quality. High humidity can encourage mold to grow on your Cannabis, posing a significant health risk for users. Cannabis users increasingly use evergreen pods to maintain perfect humidity levels in stored stashes and ensure potency consistency. Pods stick to metal lids magnetically to easily regulate the moisture content of stored Cannabis.

Air Exposure

Exposure to oxygen plays a crucial role in the storage of Cannabis for long durations. Excess oxygen leads to a quick deterioration of a stored stash, while inadequate levels create a conducive environment for mold growth. Airtight glass containers are the preferred storage for Cannabis and should ideally leave little room after enclosing Cannabis to prevent oxidation. Plastic containers are highly discouraged for the storage of Cannabis as plastic can alter the taste and pose a challenge in controlling airflow.

Store out of Children’s Reach

Storing Cannabis out of the reach of children is a no-brainer but can be easier said than done for many weed users. Responsible Cannabis use involves protecting children from exposure to the product and preserving it in an area they cannot easily access. Kids are naturally curious and will explore any item placed within their reach, Cannabis included.

Storing Cannabis properly does not have to be complicated, as shown in these steps, and is essential for maintaining the taste and potency of your stash before use. To get more insight, search for Cannabis Dispensary Near Me for great storage options.


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