Long, long past are the days of clinicians making old skool house calls to patients at their convenience and within the consolation of their very own homes. But one masseur has been making residence calls in view that 2011 – and all on wheels via the busy streets of Brooklyn.
Kip Yates, 49, is a New York State certified and insured massage therapist and licensed prenatal rub down therapist trained on the Swedish Institute. While he presently operates out of a SoHo studio, Yates also affords home offerings, along with Swedish wellbeing and recuperative deep tissue rubdown therapy in 30, 60, and ninety-minute increments, to those dwelling in South Brooklyn. He preps his Madsen cargo bike, secures his massage desk onto the back, and bikes to customers’ houses, commonly inside two or three miles of his personal home in Red Hook.

Red Hook Masseur Totes Massage Table and Equipment by using Bike 1“I wanted to provide that provider due to the fact not many humans do it anymore. It was additionally my manner of lessening my carbon imprint and additionally throwing returned the one’s savings returned to my clients, so that they didn’t ought to pay me extra for gasoline and [other] costs like that,” Yates said as he recalled starting this exercise almost a decade ago. “I also think I’m nevertheless the most effective rub down therapist in the metropolis which makes residence calls on the bike.”
He defined that Zeel, a then online business enterprise that connected clients with therapists for equal-day massages, had inspired him to move a step – or as an alternative a peddle – similarly along with his services through bicycle. Since 2011 he’s constructed up an excellent base along with his commercial enterprise “Massage Refresh,” now seeing weekly, bi-weekly, month-to-month clients and those who name when they need him at the final minute. His residence calls do have an extra charge, depending on how far the house is.

“If I need to peddle 30 or extra minutes to see you, it’s going to be a little bit of an extra cost for the damage and tear of the motorbike,” he stated. “If I need to peddle 5 to ten mins to you, there’s no more fee.”
For those who have already got their own massage tables of their houses, Yates nevertheless makes the experience on a smaller bike, preferring to rely on a car or mass transit.

Bike schematics

Yates had his Madsen cargo motorcycle even before he started out the usage of it for export functions.
“It changed into used as transport for my youngsters because the cargo motorcycle came with seats (one facing the front and one facing the back), and you could put as much as four kids in it.”

The bicycle has 4 sets of seatbelts, which can be presently used as harnesses to comfy the massage desk, the massage cart, and any other essential gadget for the journeys. The rub-down table juts out a little bit on every aspect of the motorcycle, which hardly interferes with Yates’s cycling or his surroundings. To date, Yates has never had a table fall off his motorcycle – though he mentioned, with fun, that he’s sincerely tipped the motorcycle sometimes, however, with all the devices staying safe, comfy, and in vicinity inside the shipment area.

Though biking comes with its execs, like building up leg muscle tissue and supporting to hold a wholesome lifestyle, Yates also stated that he constantly has to stay careful when riding through the borough – navigating cars riding in bike lanes, riding around double-parked motors in motorbike lanes, and avoiding broken glass at the roads. He especially relegates his paths to included motorcycle lanes, hardly ever using on busy thoroughfares that aren’t designed for biking.

Moving ahead

Yates, who’s lived in Red Hook together with his own family for the past years, says he’s beginning to establish a presence within the neighborhood.
“As a person pushing 50, I don’t see myself slowing down whenever quickly,” he said. “I have already got a virtually exact online presence at some point of the metropolis. But I’m attempting preserve [the practice] regulated in Red Hook, which is why – later this year – I’m making plans on having a entire change in dynamic.”

Yates’s goal is to restructure and launch an in-house carrier proper here in Red Hook, with the wish to be extra bodily rooted within the network and join the commercial enterprise named “Red Hook Massage.” He already has a watch on more than one area in the meantime. He also hopes to hire different therapists who could be at ease driving around on bikes and put money into some more Madsens for that purpose down the road.


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