At Vitality Chiropractic Centres, we commonly see patients experiencing neck pain and neck stiffness. Common stiff neck typically goes away after a week or two. Before coming to us for neck pain treatment, these remedies for a stiff neck may be used to alleviate the discomfort, hasten to heal, and prevent a stiff neck from returning:

Hot and cold therapy

Heat and cold therapy are the most successful in curing stiff necks. Depending on the case, you can use specific approaches alternately. Hot packs are perfect for loosening the neck and shoulders from the bunched-up muscles. Heat induces relaxation and enhances increased blood supply to the region affected. As this occurs, more blood and nutrients are provided to the sore muscles, thus improving recovery.

As long as the area isn’t swollen or inflamed, it would help to gently put a hot pack on your neck and shoulders. You can also shower or soak up in a cool, warm bath for a full-body experience. In contrast, cold therapy works best within 24-48 hours of a flare-up of pain. If you feel tender or swollen in your neck and back, cold packs can help to minimize discomfort by blocking blood flow and reducing pressure. Also, neck ice packs numb aggravated nerve endings and dramatically decrease pain. Put an ice pack on the neck for 10-15 minutes at a time. To avoid ice burns and skin injury, use the gel pack with a cloth cover or barrier when you’re at it.

Easy Ways to Prevent a Stiff Neck – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Rest, but not too much

If you want to recover your damaged neck muscles, rest is vital. Refrain from activities that might stress your neck and shoulders, like about one to two days of lifting heavy objects, dancing, swimming, or working long hours in front of a computer. You can then engage in gentle exercises to strengthen your muscles and prevent the occurrence of further muscle spasms.

Stretching and gentle exercises

Speaking about gentle exercises for your neck, a little goes a long way. Since tight muscles around your first and second cervical vertebrae nearly always trigger a stiff neck, doing some gentle exercises will do you a lot of good. These movements help relax rigid muscles and enhance strength and endurance. Strong muscles better support your head and are less prone to spasms and injuries. Practice exercises at home carefully, or consult a physical therapist to assist you.

A stiff neck is extremely normal, but that doesn’t mean you must brush it off and wave it. Try all of these tricks and strategies to help lighten your sore neck, and if any of these don’t seize to help, your condition needs professional attention. In that case, consider visiting a chiropractor; chiropractic treatment has proven to be an outstanding treatment option for neck pain in Singapore and many other Musculoskeletal disorders.


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