Samajwadi Party (SP) chief and Ramgarh MP Azam Khan on Sunday stated that he’s questioning to end his parliamentary publish and contest within the next Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.
“No docs or fitness centers are right here. We’re walking a medical institution and there may be attempts to dismantle it. Barrage ought to be built, its construction is pending. I am taking into account quitting from Parliament and contesting the state assembly elections. It is feasible that I will contest in the imminent Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections,” Azam Khan advised media here.
In the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, he had defeated BJP’s Jaya Prada from the Ramgarh parliamentary constituency.
Azam Khan changed into doing a press conference after an FIR become reportedly registered towards him for obstructing government paintings and occupying the general public property with out permission for Mohammad Ali Jauhar University.
Denying all the costs, Azam Khan stated, “Whatever has took place is not hidden from absolutely everyone. To put off me from the nation, all sorts of efforts had been made… There changed into an try and kill me. My license changed into cancelled. Also, there was a conspiracy to kill me in an come upon through putting severe allegations on me… Newspapers have written that amongst all the triumphing MPs, I am primary and the most important crook MP because there are most cases towards me.”
Khan said that he bought the belongings from the previous authorities.

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Confused but? Well I understand that over time I was regularly careworn about the distinction between those apparent contrary messages. But then I found out that on occasion horrific news for one individual may be perceived as excellent information for a person else and that correct news to one person through the years can be perceived as horrific.
Confused? Let me give an explanation for.
In the stop, it’s just news and what makes it bad or right or even impartial isn’t always the news itself but how we perceive it, choose it, examine it or react because of it.
How can someone perceive horrific information as appropriate you might ask? Or the alternative, how ought to someone perceive properly news as awful?
In quick – every people has a unique record, reports, beliefs, and values and as an end result, none folks ever see the same component or condition within the identical manner.
Someone who is a worrier, negative, pessimistic or impatient would possibly see a put off as horrific when any other person who knows the idea of there are matters we are able to manipulate and there are things we cannot manipulate so why get all disenchanted approximately some thing you can’t manage or if you can manage it get busy.
In the give up the whole lot that takes place – just happens and what we do is interpret it all primarily based on our expectations, goals, needs or mindsets and all of these are specific for every one of us.
Let me provide you with more than one private examples. And if you may don’t forget the explanation even though you could now not have had exactly the identical circumstances, if you may reflect onconsideration on it I’ll be you may relate.
Prior to staring my speaking and education career I turned into a countrywide income manager for an international business enterprise. Long tale but the short side is I had an trouble with my boss, the president and as a result he fired me. Bad information, proper? Well that was all I needed to decide it changed into time to begin a profession that has lasted over forty years and has allowed me to see the sector (25 nations to date) and work with some extraordinary clients and audiences. So in the long run this horrific news turned into absolutely excellent information.
Here’s any other short one.
Years in the past I proposed to my wife and she said sure. Good news right? (No judgments here please). Well through the years after doing my high-quality for extra than fifteen years I determined that it became time to end it and why? Well, with out the grotesque details, the relationship become step by step eroding my shallowness, self belief and optimistic attitude and I determined that I did not like who I become turning into in that relationship. We parted, amicably – but we parted. Good information as I became able – over the years – to regain all I had lost – emotionally and spiritually.
We all have our testimonies and all of us can create lists of accurate information and awful news we have acquired however, in the end, it is all just news.
During a number of my corporate packages I percentage this easy concept – stop asking your personnel for exact information or horrific news – just ask them for the news after which you decide which it is. Because their definition will be completely specific than yours.
And vice versa – as an executive or supervisor don’t broadcast – I even have a few top or terrible information – just inform your personnel you have got some information and permit every of them interpret it as they see fit primarily based on their non-public viewpoints, attitudes, mindsets, enjoy, expectations and the way it would effect them for my part.


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