Are you one of the lots who be afflicted by ache but can’t discover lasting comfort with most “pain remedies?”
Dr. Michael Riley, DC, founder of Renuva Back & Pain Centers in Oklahoma City, has spent twenty years supporting patients discover pain alleviation with nonsurgical and drug-free remedies.
“I’ve helped lots affected by low lower backache, neuropathy, spinal stenosis, neck pain, sciatica and greater via the use of a new way to deal with ache,” Riley said. “I’m going to share 3 information with you which are going to revolutionize the way you think about treating your pain and getting lasting comfort.”
So what’s this new way of treating ache? It’s the CoreCare remedy application. CoreCare is a nonsurgical and drug-free treatment that Riley evolved for more than 15 years.
It makes use of a 5-phase medical approach that combines FDA accredited technologies in a way that is established to be powerful. CoreCare patients file an 83% improvement in their potential to do ordinary sports and overall mood. They additionally report a 76% discount of their want to apply pain medicinal drug.
“So, I’m going to proportion with you three statistics approximately CoreCare and why different remedies you’ve tried have failed,” Riley said. “And I realize what you’re probably questioning … yeah, I’ve tried the entirety consisting of ‘new approaches’ however not anything works. I listen that each day, but please don’t lose wish.
“It’s not your fault that other remedies haven’t labored. Unfortunately, the fitness care gadget is not prepared to handle the complexity of maximum continual pain instances, and giant coverage and pharmaceutical businesses continue to closely influence what remedies are to be had for patients.”

Riley stated the first fact approximately why CoreCare works while many other treatments fail is due to the fact different treatments awareness on the signs and symptoms however now not the hassle causing the pain. When you deal with the symptoms, you handiest get transient remedy after which the pain comes again.
“This is important because supplements, medications, injections or even surgical treatment do not accurate the degenerative issues,” Riley said. “These forms of treatments are considered ache management. They have nothing to do with healing the motive of the ache, however, best handling the pain with the aid of overlaying it quickly.”
Riley stated the most effective way to get lasting comfort is via treating the biomechanical and physiological troubles inflicting the ache, and that’s what CoreCare does.

The second fact Riley provided approximately why CoreCare works whilst other remedies fail is the fitness care device has a huge scarcity of ache specialists.
He stated most effective 17 of the nation’s 133 clinical schools offer courses on pain.
Pain situations are complicated. They are difficult to as it should be diagnosed and require more time and attention. Most medical doctors do not have the specific schooling or revel in to control ache instances. According to Riley, it’s far predicted that 36,000 more docs are wished by using 2030 to deal with the country’s growing affected person load.
“Unfortunately, that is why many patients sense like their pain condition is past assist — because they have been passed from doctor to medical doctor with little answers or help,” Riley said. “Or they’ve been instructed surgery is the handiest choice or even worse than nothing can be finished.”


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