2019 has, up to now, been quite an exciting yr for the women’s fitness tech area. Elvie raised the biggest investment round within the Femtech class with $42M, led by personal equity firm IPGL. In February, Extend Fertility raised a $15M Series A from Regal Healthcare Capital Partners. Two months after that, Kindbody, the millennial-targeted yellow-branded fertility and women’s fitness health facility, secured $15M in a round co-led by RRE Ventures and Perceptive Advisors.Meet The Women Investors Supporting Early Women's Health Innovators 1

The inherent demanding fundraising situations for a Semtech startup as a girl founder have been extensively mentioned. Still, the category is slowly consolidating and getting more interest from the VC network. These girls’ buyers saw their potential in the early days and percentage their attitude on the possibilities in ladies’ fitness.

Trish Costello, Portfolio, Making A Bet On Women’s Health

The Portfolio FemTech Fund focuses on rising technologies, services, and products improving girls’ health throughout their lives. The portfolio is making strategic investments in high-capability opportunities, which might be worthwhile and increase women’s well-being.

Trish Costello, CEO of Portfolio, is enormously motivated to make a distinction in this discipline: “It’s a large marketplace (50B dollars) with many gaps and unmet wishes. It’s a high-quality opportunity to make cash, and very few VCs are investing. Also, I need to invest in what I apprehend from my experience and understand will improve my life and that of different ladies.”

Costello reveals the menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth spaces very interesting, in addition to unique healthcare areas where women are impacted in a different way which includes coronary heart ailment or pain management and has a tendency to live far away from the closely invested areas, consisting of length monitoring apps, most of which originally have been based and run by using men.

Women are dying at some stage in hard work; we’ve especially high C-segment prices. There are big opportunities for innovation addressing early detection of pre-eclampsia, keeping off the pressure, and postpartum depression, among different issues. In menopause, I’m excited about agencies tackling the entirety from bladder issues to vaginal rejuvenation,” says Costello.

Costello insists that the largest hassle for Semtech founders is that ninety-four % of active capital is managed using guys: “They don’t constantly connect with the problems, and knowing the field is key as an investor. We want more women traders. As a founder, you should recognize the economic model behind your solution, find the right advisors, and method buyers with a song document within the area -don’t waste time with those who never invested in ladies or space.”


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