The World Health Organization has referred to the huge global need for fitness care employees, specifically nurses and midwives. It could be hard to overstate the significance of nurses. They provide about 90 percent of all fitness care services globally.Many Healthcare Workers Need to Know English 1 As vital as nurses are, many nations are experiencing a scarcity. Even the USA and other English-talking international locations have massive shortages.

But irrespective of what united states nurses work in, they’ll be required to communicate in English at some point in their careers. The motive is easy: The use of English in scientific settings worldwide keeps growing.
When you observe nurses, you might imagine hospitals. But nurses work in limitless other locations, together with fitness clinics, faculties, private houses, and assisted dwelling facilities—the paintings on army bases, refugee camps, and disaster conditions around the sector.

There also are many specializations in nursing. Surgery, cardiac care, oncology, midwifery, and anesthesia are examples. Throughout their career, nurses may match in one or many specialized regions.
Charlotte Nwogwugwu knows all about nursing, having labored in some specializations and settings.
During her 13 years in health care, she has served as a surgical, orthopedic, psychiatric, and worldwide fitness nurse. She has additionally taken students to remote places for their discipline enjoy in international health. A local of Nigeria, Nwogwugwu studied nursing in the U.S. And holds a doctorate in public health. She is now an Assistant Professor-Global Health at the University of Maryland School of Nursing.
She joins us by phone to speak about nursing and some of the language-demanding situations and victories that include the task. AB: Thanks again for being with us nowadays.

CHARLOTTE NWOGWUGWU: You’re very welcome.
AB: Could you tell us approximately what you experience most of your work as a nursing professional?
CHARLOTTE NWOGWUGWU: One of the main matters that I experience approximately nursing is the variety in the function.

The middle of what drives me is the capability to hook up with humans because I am a carer at heart on the give-up of the day. And it’s still humans that make my work precious.
So, once I speak about the variety inside the position, it is targeted around connecting with humans and inspiring me to hold going to do what I do.

So, I usually look at it from that attitude – whereby what it’s miles I am doing with this character patient will affect the lives of other human beings, now not just that affected person but their circle of relatives individuals.
AB: OK, extraordinary. On an ordinary day at the job, maybe in the interaction between nurse and patient, are there not unusual expressions and terms that they might use?

CHARLOTTE NWOGWUGWU: Absolutely. One of the matters we’re doing as nurses is assessing this affected person the moment we stroll in. And via that, I suggest we, without a doubt, are setting their awareness stage. We are considering their ache. So, to do this, to be able to examine…how alert the affected person is, I could ask the patient questions like, “Can you tell me your call?” and “What is your date of birth?”


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