Dental Assistants Salary In Texas earns an average annual salary of $37,000. However, the best way to find your salary is to ask around and see what other dental assistants in your area earn.

Dental assistants work in offices that provide services to patients who need dental care. The dental assistant may perform routine tasks such as taking X-rays, cleaning teeth, administering anesthesia, and assisting dentists in surgery.

Getting your first job as a dental assistant can be hard because the competition is fierce. You might not even know what to look for in a dental assistant.

You might think a dentist will hand you a list of tasks you must perform. But that’s not the case. Your job is to help them by taking care of their patients.

That said, you’ll probably make less than a dentist does. So if you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant, you must make some compromises.

You are not alone if you answered “yes” to this question. Many people don’t know how much dental assistants make. This is a huge problem because we could use more information about this career field before working there.

I want to share some statistics about U.S. dental assistants and their salaries. After reading this, I hope you can answer the question, “How much do dental assistants make?”.

You’ll likely be expected to start as a receptionist. Then, you’ll need to work your way up the ranks. You’ll need to work for many years to reach the top.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start right away. You’ll probably make more money working for a dentist than you would for any other employer.


Texas Dental Assistant Salary

As a dental assistant, you will be assisting dentists in their practices. You may work in a doctor’s office, clinic, or a hospital. You may perform procedures such as tooth cleaning, applying for bandages and medicine, taking X-rays, and performing injections.

As a dental assistant, you must communicate well with patients and their families. You will also need to be able to read and interpret X-rays.

Texas’s average dental assistant salary is $25,000-$30,000 annually. Texas has many dental practices, and all dental offices need dental assistants.

Dental assistants play a huge role in ensuring your dentist’s practice runs smoothly. They’re the first line of defense against all sorts of problems – without them, your practice might not function at all.

The dental assistant job can vary quite a bit depending on the type of practice you work at.

The average salary for a dental assistant is between $20 and $30 per hour. It would help if you considered moving to a bigger city and working for a practice that pays a higher wage to make more money.

Dental Assistant Job Description

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the dental assistant’s salary is about $60,000 annually. But there is a wide range of wages, depending on where you live, your level of experience, and whether you work in private or public practice.

That’s why I’m going sparingly through history, so you can see how much you should expect to make.

This is a great topic because many different dental assistants in Texas can make $50,000 a year.

However, many people make less than $25,000 per year. You need to research the area you live in and the job you are applying for to determine how much you can make.

As I mentioned earlier, it depends on the city you live in. You also need to check what school you are going to attend.

Dental assistant schools usually cost around $15,000-$35,000.

It would help if you also considered taking classes on the side. This gives you experience and lets you see if you enjoy dental work.



The Dental Assistant’s salary in Texas is $19.50-$21.00 per hour. It’s competitive, and the pay is high enough to cover expenses.

There are many dental assistants in the Dallas, TX, area. If you’re new to the field and want to start a career as a dental assistant, it’s a good option for you.

Dental assistants are responsible for helping dentists with their patient’s oral health. They perform various procedures, including cleaning teeth, removing tartar, and filling cavities.

They also keep records and files for the dentist. If you’re interested in pursuing this career, you should have experience with basic office procedures.

Career Path

The average dental assistant salary in Texas is $33,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS also reports that in 2018, the median annual wage for dental assistants in the United States was $34,000.

There are several reasons why dental assistants in Texas make less than their counterparts in other states. For starters, Texas has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, so competition is fierce. Additionally, the state has strict licensing requirements, meaning fewer dentists are opening new practices.

Texas is also one of the most populated states in the U.S., so competition is even higher for dental assistants working in smaller towns and cities. If you plan to live in Texas after graduation, you may have to move to a bigger city to find employment.

Another reason dental assistants in Texas make less is that many work in private practices. The BLS reported that in 2018, only 4 percent of dental assistants worked for dentists in hospitals or other clinics.

Dental Assistant Schools

With a dental assistant salary in Texas, you can earn more than $100k annually. This is a great career choice for anyone who loves working with people and helping them improve their smiles.

Dental assistants are responsible for cleaning patients’ teeth, filling cavities, and performing routine procedures. They also keep the office running smoothly by filing, photocopying, and running errands.

This job is perfect for those who enjoy working around people and interacting with clients.

Dental assistants typically work 40 hours per week and earn an average of $16/hour. Many dental offices have flexible scheduling options, so you can pick up extra shifts when needed.

Y.A., a dental assistants, assist doctors in their daily practice. You may earn anywhere from $12-$14 per hour as a dental assistant. Depending on where you live, you may even make slightly more.

This may include checking patients in, taking X-rays, sterilizing instruments, cleaning up after procedures, and documenting everything in patient charts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the most common jobs that a dental assistant holds?

A: A dental assistant usually works directly with a dentist. They help them by taking X-rays, filling out charts, and assisting the dentist during the procedure. Most assistants are interested in dentistry and want to advance to more advanced roles.

Q: How much does a dental assistant make in Texas?

A: The median annual wage for a dental assistant was $39,530 as of May 2018.

Q: What careers can a dental assistant pursue after graduating?

A: After dental school, there are a variety of different jobs that a dental assistant can pursue. Some dental assistants are hired into practice, while others work in labs, clinics, or hospitals.

Q: What’s the average salary for a dental assistant in Texas?

A: An average dental assistant earns between $20 and $40 an hour. A dental assistant with more than four years of experience can earn as much as $45 an hour. A dental assistant with less than two years of experience can earn around $19 an hour.

Q: Do you know what skills are required to become a dental assistant?

A: To become a dental assistant, you must have a high school diploma or GED. You also need to pass a drug test and receive a background check.

Q: Are there other requirements for becoming a dental assistant?

A: A license is required to be a dental assistant. This means that you will need to take and pass a licensing exam. There are different certifications that you can obtain from dental schools. These include the DAA certification and the ADA certification.

Myths About Dental 

1. There are no jobs in dental assisting available.

2. There are no schools in dental assisting.

3. There are no programs that train for a career in dental assisting.


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I’m always amazed by the salary information on the Internet. You can find almost anything if you look hard enough, but sometimes finding the right information can be tricky.

That’s why I did a little digging around and came up with this list of the average salaries for dental assistants in Texas. I hope this helps you in your search for a new career.


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